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Migizy Gas
Eagle Village First Nation
Kipawa, QC 

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The Eagle Village First Nation gas station project was launched in 2002 during a general assembly of the band membership. On this occasion, 70% of the community members confirmed to the Band Council that they wanted to go ahead with this long-awaited project.

In order to improve the living conditions of it's members, the Band Council decided to go ahead with this venture which reached it conclusion today with the official opening of Migizy Gas. The benefits derived from this venture will be reinvested in the community and will enable the achievement of other economic development projects.

Located within the Eagle Village community, Migizy Gas will offer several services to it's customers including: oil products, convenience store, restaurant and dining area, sporting goods, mini hardware, forestry products and local Aboriginal handicrafts.

Covering a surface of 1 785 sq. ft., Migizy Gas is located in a log house with a roof design in the shape of a teepee, an Aboriginal traditional home.

This business will create 13 jobs for the members of the Eagle Village First Nation. The various positions offered include a manager, four clerks, four cashiers, and four pump tenders. Furthermore, it is estimated that the project will create economic benefits amounting to $1.15 million over a five-year period.

The Grand Opening was held on January 17th, 2005.

"This project exemplifies the opportunity to provide a much needed service to the members of Eagle Village and surrounding municipalities, at the same time creating our own source revenues which will be reinvested in the community,� stated Chief Haymond.

Many people attended this important gathering to welcome a new business
 and a very important opportunity for our community.



Please be advised that Migizy Gas reserves the rights to change menu items displayed here without notice.