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Bill C-68, Canada's New Firearm Act


On December 1, 1998, the Firearms Act came into effect. This legislation was enacted in 1995 but the complexity of the law and the need to devise new reporting systems and procedures delayed its implementation.


Police agencies in Canada have been involved in the registration of restricted guns such as pistols and revolvers since the 1940's. In the 1980's police also started to process and approve Firearm Acquisition Certificates. With the Firearms Act now in place, police agencies will no longer be involved in any fashion in the registration and issuing of permits or licenses.


How will the new Firearms Act affect the Average Canadian?


Hunters have never had to register their rifles or shotguns and many gun owners have never gone through the process of getting a Firearms Acquisition Certificate because they weren't buying a gun or borrowing one. From now on, ALL guns, rifles, shotguns, crossbows, and previously registered firearms such as restricted or prohibited firearms will have to be registered by January 1, 2003. As well, ALL gun owners will have to be licensed by January 1, 2000.


What Kind of License Will I Need


If you own a hunting rifle or shotgun and you don't intend or purchasing or borrowing another firearm, a simple "possession" license will allow you to keep your gun(s). If however you intend on buying or borrowing somebody else's gun(s), then you'll need a "possession/acquisition" license. Owners of previously registered handguns and revolvers are somewhat familiar with the licensing and registration process but they will apparently have to re-register all their firearms.


Registration forms and license applications are available at the Post Office. For any other information about the Firearms Act, you can call the Canada Firearms Center Hotline at 1-800-731-4000 or access their Internet site at www.cfc-ccaf.gc.ca or e-mail [email protected].


The Canadian Firearms Center also provides some very informative pamphlets on gun storage, gun display, and transportation of firearms.